Pub Crawl Athens

Pub Crawl Athens is a bar tour without preceding!!!. It's the best way to find out authentic bars and buzzing night clubs. Crawl around with a local bar guide, drink, dance, chat, flirt and have the time of your life, just as Greeks have been doing for centuries. A night out in Athens is a unique experience no traveler should miss out on and we have brought together the most exclusive and all inclusive package with Pub Crawl Athens. Here is what we offer:

True Athenian bar guides! Athens is an amazing,vibrant, modern metropolis and its awesome night life will show you why locals feel passionate about their city.Our experienced guides know all about pub crawls and all about Athens!

Meeting in Gazi The golden rule of this area is simple: what happens in Gazi stays in Gazi. It's the centre of the nightlife in Athens with infinite bars, numerous clubs and no excuses to hold back! We would start you off with a free beer (or an ouzo shot for the daredevils) at sign up as the sun goes down!

1st stop Roof garden with refreshing cocktails located in a secret alley. Nice chance to do some “personal relations” and cool down from all the hectic sightseeing. Let's be honest, after all idyllic moments is why you came to Athens in the first place, and seeing the acropolis lit up right in front of you on a terrace with a glass in your hand is exactly that.

2nd stop Let's get the party started! And to do so we visit a boutique bar. House music gets deep and the volume gets high.

3rd stop Everybody is pumped up by now. But not enough, so one last visit to a bar before things get real. One word: Shots!

We end the crawl at one of the most chic dance clubs of Athens. It's what we have been preparing for all night. Greeks dress up and so should you! Free entrance goes without saying and then the rest is up to the night! Vibrant atmosphere, lights go missing and the music gets so loud it only leaves room for body language! Feel the rhythm of mainstream dance and electronic music and also expose your taste to some Greek dancing tunes! Clubbing doesn't get more authentic than this.

If the sun is not out, neither should you!

We crawl every weekend. For any other day please contact us!